Historic flooding continues in Powell County

Ongoing flooding in Clay City
Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 10:12 AM EST
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POWELL COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Powell County is reeling from historic flooding.

First responders in the county had to rescue more than 80 people yesterday due to the Red River rising out of its banks. It crested at 25.69 feet which, according to the National Weather Service, is the second highest recorded crest in history behind the flood of 1978.

Water continues to cascade over Main Street in Clay City.

Clay City Search and Rescue said after yesterday’s evacuations, they haven’t had many other calls for help, other than one man who climbed into a tree after his car got stuck in high water.

Danny Combs, who lives in the area, said it was water as far as the eye can see in the farm behind his home.

“It was a sight to see.,” He said. “This guy came over and he actually had to come over my fence from the pasture to the hayfield. He couldn’t see the fence, of course, because the water was over it, but he traveled over the fence right to the barn and tied up.”

According to Combs, the man said he was trying to get groceries.

The water level has gone down, but officials are still telling people not to chance it right now. The Red River is still past its major flood level and officials don’t want anyone to get trapped or hurt because of the flooding. They said if people insist on driving through floodwater and need rescuing, they run the risk of facing criminal charges.

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