Powell County comes together to recover from intense flooding

Powell County comes together to recover from intense flooding
Published: Mar. 8, 2021 at 12:10 PM EST
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CLAY CITY, Ky. (WKYT) - People in Powell County are working to help each other as the full extent of flood damage is still being assessed.

Lisa Johnson, Public Information Officer for Powell County, said she was drawn to Clay City by the beauty of the Red River and the Gorge. The water can be peaceful, but it turned destructive when flooding impacted the area.

“This was so bad, I don’t even remember the ice storm,” Johnson said. “I think we’re all more prepared now as a community and a city. As a fire department and a rescue team we’re ready, we’re getting ready.”

Part of the recovery process is raising money for more gear in case Mother Nature rears her ugly head again.

“Winchester came in and they were awesome, but they had dry suits where my guys were in their clothes, so we need dry suits,” Johnson said. “We had kayaks which helped but what we really need is a swift water rescue boat and really just anything.”

The road to recovery will be a long one. It’ll take time for locals to make their houses feel like homes again, but as waters begin to recede, hope is on the rise.

“Everybody came out and donated. This place was packed. It almost made you cry,” Johnson said. “Just when you’re losing faith after COVID 19, just when you think people don’t care anymore, yeah they do. We just had to dust off the ugliness for the kindness to come back.”

Clay City’s Mayor said the city is still accepting donations. They need a little bit of everything, but he specifically mentioned mops, squeegees and pet supplies.

WKYT is teaming with AppHarvest to collect donations for Kentucky Flood Victims. You can donate online, and tune into our special at 7 p.m. Monday.

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