Rally held in Frankfort in support of CROWN Act

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 5:16 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Puffs, fros, locks and braids-- some Kentucky students are celebrating their hair.

The Real Young Prodigys, a Louisville-based rap group, rallied Monday in support of House Bill 43.

“We want girls to feel comfortable in their own skin and their own hair,” Renee Robinson said.

Also known as the CROWN Act, the legislation would prohibit discrimination against natural hair styles. The Real Young Prodigys even wrote a song to raise awareness.

Rep. Attica Scott, who’s co-sponsoring House Bill 43, says the school her daughter attended had unfair policies.

“Their site-based, decision-making council created a policy that students couldn’t wear natural hairstyles,” Rep. Scott said.

This is the second time Rep. Scott has brought the Crown Act to lawmakers’ attention but there has been push back.

“We should have passed it last year. We should have past it this year. But we didn’t,” Rep. Scott said.

She hopes young people will change lawmakers’ minds. Before the rally, the Real Young Prodigys took a tour of Kentucky State University, where students on campus had a lot to say about natural hair.

“I would always wear my hair straight. I would always walk around with sewn in, because that’s what in saw on TV,” KSU student Yasmine Harper said.

“What’s the difference between my hair and your hair? This is how my hair naturally grows,” KSU student Justin Brizendine said.

People gathered at the Capitol hoping to one day celebrate their hair freely without being judged.

The Real Young Prodigys plan to keep raising awareness about natural hair. Rep Scott hopes lawmakers will reconsider House Bill 43 this summer.

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