Four live explosive devices, AR-15 found in vehicle of man arrested at UK Hospital

One week ago, police arrested Bryan Carroll outside UK Hospital.
Published: Apr. 1, 2021 at 11:44 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - One week ago, police arrested Bryan Carroll outside UK Hospital.

Police say they found a number of weapons, including four bombs, when he was arrested.

Bryan Carroll mugshot
Bryan Carroll mugshot(Fayette Co. Detention Center)

Thursday, he appeared before a Fayette County judge.

Prosecutors ended up removing one charge from Carroll’s litany of charges and are looking to add two more at a later date. All totaled, right now, Carroll is facing 13 charges and his case is being pushed forward to the grand jury.

Detective John Harder, with the UK Police Department, testified during the hearing that he was investigating another case when UK Police received a call from the Versailles Police Department that Carroll was coming to UK Hospital.

“He advised us that Carroll was known to carry weapons on his person to include firearms and possibly explosives,” Detective Harder said.

Detective Harder told the court that UK Police identified Carroll via security cameras inside the hospital and he and another officer approached Carroll once he was outside the emergency department.

“Carroll froze for about a quarter of a second before he attempted to flee to the driver side of his vehicle,” Detective Harder said. “When he noticed that he wasn’t going to be able to get in the car before I made contact with him he attempted to flee to the back of the vehicle.”

While struggling with police, Carroll got out of his shirt to reveal body armor and a pistol on his hip.

“While we were on the ground Carroll continued in resisting our efforts to put him in handcuffs,” said Detective Harder. “After we were able to overpower him and got his hands behind his back in order to cuff him, he became significantly more compliant.”

Detective Harder says that the investigation showed that Carroll had another handgun on him and four more in his car along with two rifles, an AK-47 style and an AR-15 style one, in his back seat.

He says they also found four live explosive devices and one non-live IED.

The defense argued that the feeling and evading charges did not have probable cause, but Judge Tackett decided to sustain all 13 counts and move this case forward to the grand jury.

Carroll’s attorney also asked the judge to lower the bond, which was set at $150,000. The judge did not, saying Carroll is a significant danger to the community and at risk for not showing up for court.

There was mention of two additional charges that could come in this case, as well as possible federal charges, but we don’t have any word on those yet.

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