LG&E and KU launch ‘EweTube’ channel for sheep at state’s largest solar plant

Published: Apr. 2, 2021 at 10:43 AM EDT
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HARRODSBURG, Ky. (WKYT) - LG&E and KU have launched a “EweTube” channel for the sheep at the state’s largest solar plant.

Less than a year ago, LG&E and KU announced two new additions at its E.W. Brown universal solar array in Mercer County, a pollinator habitat and a flock of more than two dozen sheep.

Now, the habitat is taking root, the sheep have begun to multiply, and the utilities are inviting interested viewers to tune in as they capture it all in real-time on the company’s new live-streaming webcam:

Thanks to a partnership with nearby Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, the flock of sheep – which now includes Shetland, Katadhin and a healthy generation of lambs born just this spring – were originally added last year to help manage vegetation around the solar panels on a portion of the 50-acre solar site.

After spending the winter months in the safety and warmth of shelter at Shaker Village, the newly expanded flock was transferred back to the solar site in March.

With so much interest last year in the sheep and their role at the solar array, the utilities launched a new online camera to give viewers an inside look while the sheep return to work “mowing” grass during the spring and summer months.

A farm manager from Shaker Village manages the flock’s overall care, including any veterinary services. The farm manager also sheers the sheep and sells the wool to a local organic wool vendor.

The sheep are currently grazing 10 acres of the site.

The flock is expected to continue multiplying and will eventually grow large enough to maintain the entire solar farm property.

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