Health leaders hoping to stop the rise of COVID-19 cases in Bath County

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 4:13 PM EDT
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BATH COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Public health leaders in Bath County are hoping to stop the rising COVID-19 cases, but first they need to figure out where those cases are coming from.

“We really don’t have anything that we can say ‘OK yeah this is where we need to pinpoint.’ It’s just not that way,” said Gregory Brewer with Gateway District Health Department.

Most of the time, rising cases are connected to places like churches, schools, or jails, but according to Brewer, none of the current cases seem to be related. It leads him to believe people have relaxed the guidelines.

“People I think are getting more complacent with their mask wearing,” Brewer said.

That’s why they’re stepping up enforcement.

“We have compliance officers. A couple of them in the district. And I’m going to reach out to them today and ask them if they could maybe put a little emphasis on bath county and local businesses here in town,” Brewer said.

But even with the rise in cases throughout the county, Brewer points out that there aren’t any outbreaks in places like nursing homes because many people there are already vaccinated. So he hopes that shows people the vaccine is effective.

He said the demand for the vaccine is still high, but he wants it to be higher.

“It’s just going to be our job to be able to educate and to know that if you do receive the vaccine that you do have a better vaccine of fighting this,” Brewer said.

The Gateway District Health Department has stopped distributing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for now. But in the meantime they say they have plenty of Moderna vaccines to keep up with demand.

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