Kentucky’s regional unemployment offices reopen to in-person appointments

Published: Apr. 15, 2021 at 10:14 AM EDT
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KENTUCKY (WKYT) - People across Kentucky are still waiting on their unemployment claims to be processed.

Thursday, the state started a program to give in-person help to those people waiting for their checks to come through.

At the Lexington location, there seems to be a mixed bag of emotions from people with appointments. ranging from anxiousness and frustration to some semblance of relief.

A few people we spoke with drove up to Lexington from Louisville because they couldn’t get an appointment in Jefferson County, but they’ve been waiting weeks, months. One of them, Bob Turner, told us he’s been waiting a year for this.

He said he tried to file last April and was told he answered some questions incorrectly.

You call the phone number and you just can’t get in. Nobody returns your emails and things like that. So, it’s kind of frustrating,” Turner said. “They went back and they told me what I did wrong and in case I ever have to do it again, here’s the way you want to answer it. So, that was very helpful, so I had a great experience.”

Governor Beshear announced 13 career centers around the state are reopening after they closed their doors in 2017.

These career center sites are where people who have hit walls and roadblocks in their journey to get unemployment payments during this pandemic can go for in-person help.

Some of the sites in our area include Somerset, Hazard, and Morehead.

Governor Beshear is continuing to ask for patience while this process continues.

He said that some people won’t be able to get their claim completely finished in just one sitting, but, based on our conversations, a number of these people are just thankful that they go through and secured an appointment.

Appointment times for April are already booked up but more appointments will start becoming available for March beginning next Monday.

Turner says he would encourage other people to look at whatever openings they can, even if that means having to drive to a different office in the state.

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