AppHarvest container farm program launches at Madison Central High School

Published: Apr. 22, 2021 at 3:35 PM EDT
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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Thursday is Earth Day.

It is a day where people can clean our planet, create green technologies, and think environmentally. AppHarvest is a company that believes in sustainable farming and is hoping to promote that by investing in the young people of Madison County.

In the spirit of sustainably, AppHarvest is partnering with Madison Central High School to teach students how to ‘grow greener’ with a new container farm on campus:

“We have a chance, oh my goodness, in our economy and possibly, to take off and lead this country,” Governor Beshear said. “We certainly have the opportunity to be a national and, I hope, international leader in agri-tech.”

The future of farming starts with the young people of Kentucky.

“I’m excited because at our school... we just want to provide opportunities for kids to grow to learn and serve our students the best we can,” said Principal Brandon Fritz. “And now I always say that, when they leave this place, we want them equipped to handle whatever comes their way.”

With the addition of the new container, they will be able to grow leafy greens on-site and learn how to care for the crops with new technologies.

“We’re going to sell the lettuce to our cafeteria and then our students and our schools will be able to eat the food that is produced right here on our campus,” Fritz said.

The container has four rows of plants, a seedling area, a recycled water filtration system, along with red and blue lights to stimulate growth.

“Kentucky has a rich agrarian history and there are lots of ways to grow food and to grow plants in her household products here in the Commonwealth,” said Amy Samples, director of community outreach and people programs with AppHarvest. “And there’s room for all of us at that table. You should think about doing something you already know how to do, but in a new way is the way to spark imagination in our youth.”

That spark will hopefully inspire students to continue in the field of agriculture and bring that work ethic back to serving our community.

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