New state vaccine dashboard tracking each county’s progress

Published: May. 3, 2021 at 9:30 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky is now more than 650,000 COVID-19 vaccinations away from reaching Governor Andy Beshear’s 2.5 million goal before easing more restrictions and capacity limits. That number did get closer Monday after the state announced a switch to using federal data to track vaccination numbers, which gives a more accurate reading of where we stand.

A new dashboard is also tracking each county’s progress and health leaders hope it’ll push communities to be more accountable.

The new dashboard shows a county-by-county breakdown of where shots have gone into arms.

“I think this is really important to see which areas and counties are ahead and leading the way, especially with vaccinations and which ones may be falling behind,” emergency physician Dr. Ryan Stanton said.

The dashboard also breaks down vaccination by age groups. People ages 19-29 are still the fewest vaccinated.

“The biggest challenge up to about age 30 is young folks still think they are invincible. They don’t see mortality on the horizon,” Dr. Stanton said. “That is really just not something that is part of their consideration on a daily basis. And that’s good. That’s good to have strength and not have that hanging over you all the time. But it also is something where there’s a lot of assumption that it won’t be me, or it’s not me.”

Dr. Stanton says he’s seen vaccinated patients come down with COVID, but they’ve been mild cases. The ones hospitalized are mostly unvaccinated, and younger.

“We’re seeing a shift in this virus to where the impact is mainly focused on middle to younger aged people. Not the elderly population like we are seeing before. We are seeing complications, admissions to the hospital, and deaths around the country even in young pediatric patients,” Dr. Stanton said.

As health officials fear longer efforts to reach herd immunity, getting shots into arms is becoming more crucial to reaching goals and putting the pandemic behind us.

The new vaccine dashboard also tracks the top 5 and bottom 5 counties in terms of percent of the population vaccinated. Woodford County leads the state with 55%, while Christian and Spencer Counties are at the bottom at 17%.

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