Sen. Rand Paul says some of Kentucky’s COVID-19 mandates still in effect are unconstitutional

Published: May. 4, 2021 at 3:54 PM EDT
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SOMERSET, Ky. (WKYT) - Kentucky’s junior senator is calling on COVID-19 restrictions to end and says some of the state mandates still in effect are illegal and unconstitutional.

Senator Rand Paul gave a speech to the chamber of commerce in Somerset Tuesday afternoon. Hundreds of people attended the event at the Center For Rural Development.

A large, enthusiastic crowd welcomed Senator Paul during Somerset’s monthly chamber luncheon, as Paul pointed out what he believes are ridiculous rules in the pandemic.

“On July 4th, three people can get together inside without a mask, if they have been vaccinated,” Sen. Paul said. “Do you think we should send President Biden a picture of our lunch today?”

As the crowd gave him a round of applause, Paul said he didn’t mean to make light of COVID-19, saying two friends have died of it. But he says more honesty is needed.

“But we ought to tell people, this is a very deadly disease for older folks, not so much for younger folks,” Paul said.

Sen. Paul says he is very concerned about the Kentucky Supreme Court’s case in June when legislation to limit the governor’s powers will be decided. He says he fears, based on previous rulings, they will rule in Gov. Beshear’s favor and set a bad precedent.

Paul said it’s illegal for the governor to issue edicts because the legislature voted otherwise. But it’s Legislation that has ended up in the state’s highest court.

“He is protesting that state law in court,” Sen. Paul said. “But I think that’s a terrible direction for our state government to say a governor can ignore state law.”

Paul says more restrictions should end, that the health care system was protected last year.

“We did that three weeks last March. So, all of that is moving a goalpost,” Paul said. “The original goalpost was reasonable. Not to overwhelm the hospitals.”

Paul says if you’re 85 and you have been vaccinated no one should be telling you to do anything.

On the $2 trillion infrastructure bill, Paul says he wants a bi-partisan plan that will focus more on locks and bridges and roads and dams.

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