Eastern Kentucky gas stations pump the brakes on fuel hoarding

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Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 8:36 PM EDT
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PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - With pipeline issues causing concerns across the east coast, gas stations in Eastern Kentucky are putting restrictions in place to keep customers from stockpiling fuel and cutting into their supplies.

“Seems like any time something happens somewhere else, don’t necessarily happen here, it goes up here and puts a real hurt on everybody,” said Jerry Slone, who stopped for gas at Double Kwik Wednesday. “And everybody goes out and buys up all the (gas). People get scared is the bottom line. They want to protect their selves. They don’t think that other people may need something too.”

As news of the pipeline issues spread across the region, Double Kwik customers began to show signs of distress. According to company representatives, many stores were seeing people pour in to fill up containers at an alarming rate.

“Pretty much almost double what a normal day is. And that’s when the issue comes in. It starts being about deliveries more than supply,” said Double Kwik Marketing Director Whitney Hogg. “At this time, we still have supply. Like I said earlier, we have a great team who is watching that daily and making sure that we have fuel and supply for our customers.”

Hogg said the concern of a dwindling supply brought people out, but it was the people who were filling up that were truly creating the concerns. She said Double Kwik locations put a $30 cap on all customers to make sure no one is draining the resources.

At this time, Hogg said, there is no immediate concern that gas supplies in the Double Kwik service communities will run on empty. She said the suppliers told Double Kwik the issues with the pipeline should also be cleared up by the end of the week, so Hogg encourages people to be patient. She said Wednesday’s atmosphere was much less chaotic than Tuesday and she is hopeful for the rest of the week to look the same.

As of Wednesday, officials say the pipeline is active once again, but it could take time for the impacted areas to see a shift back to the regular flow.

“But, until then, let’s all be good neighbors. You know that’s a motto here at Double Kwik: ‘Love your neighbor.’ Be good neighbors, that way we can all receive what we need and continue on as normal,” said Hogg.

First responders and diesel vehicles are not beholden to the $30 cap.

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