‘I fell in love with fishing’: Quarantine inspires Clay County girl to start custom bait business

Quarantine inspires Clay County girl to start custom bait business
Quarantine inspires Clay County girl to start custom bait business(WYMT)
Updated: May. 12, 2021 at 9:13 PM EDT
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CLAY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Last spring and summer during the pandemic, Bailey Gregory and her parents spent a lot of time at the lake. She has fished since she was two, but last summer was when Bailey fell in love with fishing.

On a rainy spring day at the lake, the family went to Bass Pro Shops, and an idea was born in the bait isle.

“I’d seen some hand tied lures, and I asked my mom if she thought I could do that and she said, ‘Of course’ so I asked for the stuff for Christmas, and I got it and started making them,” said Bailey.

Before she received the vice and all the equipment to make the jigs and lures, she started making them by hand and researching the best techniques.

“I wrote pages of what colors were best and what weights were best,” said Bailey. “I went on Google and researched what colors fish could see and which ones made them want to bite it. Bass can see black, red and green really well and panfish they don’t really see colors they see grays, blacks and whites so you can use whatever you want for them.”

The first few she made were rough, but practice makes perfect.

“She got a lot better and the ones she’s making now look just like the ones we had seen at Bass Pro,” said her mom, Jammie Gregory. “It’s been a lot of hard work for her. She has watched a lot of videos. Spent a lot of time on YouTube and just google searching things like the different colors she needs to use. The different types of hooks and the different sizes.”

In January, family and friends took notice of the jigs and lures and asked if she sold them.

“I thought they were taking pity on me,” said Bailey.

She started selling them, and decided to start a business called BaiBai Baits, as her nickname since she was little is BaiBai.

So far, Bailey has shipped her jigs and lures to five states.

“I’ve made probably a 150 that I’ve sold,” she said.

Right now, she makes bucktail, marabou and combination jigs and lures in several colors and sizes and plans to expand to a few more designs in the future.

“I like that can make them anything you wanted to,” said Bailey.

They cost between two and eight dollars. Bailey says right now, she is putting everything she makes into supplies so she can expand her inventory.

To buy a jig or lure, click here.

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