Ohio giving away cash, offering scholarships to convince people to get vaccinated

Updated: May. 13, 2021 at 11:44 AM EDT
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OHIO (WKYT) - As vaccine rates continue to drop, states are looking for new ways to convince people to get a Covid vaccine.

Ohio’s governor, Mike DeWine, announced on Wednesday plans to give away $5 million over a five-week period. Starting May 26, they will give away $1 million to an Ohio resident who has been vaccinated.

There have been vaccine incentives announcing in other states, but this is by far the largest.

Officials with the WEDCO District Health Department told us they appreciated any efforts to encourage people to get the vaccine, but they would prefer people get vaccinated because they educated themselves about the benefits of doing so.

The members of the general public we spoke with told us they weren’t sure if what was basically a lottery ticket would be enough to convince people who were adamant about not getting the vaccine.

“I don’t think you should have to bribe anybody, that’s what it is right? Well, I’m not big into bribes for anything,” Bob Kovacic said. “I know you wanna take the shot take the shot. You don’t, you don’t.

“You just got a group of people that don’t believe in vaccinations,” Frankie Mullins said. “I don’t know what’s gonna convince them. You know, I buried my father in January because of Covid and the shot wasn’t available to him at the time. He was 87 years old.”

Ohio’s governor is offering vaccinated teenagers the chance to win a full-ride scholarship to any of the state’s universities.

Ohio plans to pay for those $1 million prizes using federal Covid funds.

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