‘We’re created for community’: Volunteers travel to Clark Co. to help spruce up Lady Veterans Connect Home

Updated: May. 21, 2021 at 4:41 PM EDT
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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - On Friday, five Lexington organizations traveled to Winchester to help female veterans. The Lady Veterans Connect Home in Clark County is set to open in just a few weeks. Dozens of volunteers from Clark Material Handling, SRC of Lexington, LBX, Neogen and Humana helped spruce up the building before the big day.

“We were not created to be alone. We weren’t. We’re created for community,” said Alan Sutherland, a volunteer from Clark Material Handling.

Sutherland said this service day is about giving back to that community.

“We give our employees 16 hours of paid time off a year to go volunteer,” Sutherland said.

Friday afternoon, 23 volunteers tackled jobs trimming trees, painting and weed whacking.

Their to-do list is for a special group of people: female veterans.

“It’s certainly a dream and a vision to just be with them many steps of the way. For the vision to become reality, it’s just a wonderful feeling,” Sutherland said.

For some of these volunteers, helping out veterans is personal.

“I spent years in Iraq as well and I understand not everyone has the ability or the best situations when they do leave the service, and this is just an opportunity for me to give back and kind of say thank you,” said Ryan Krause, a volunteer from SRC of Lexington.

Krause and others worked to make this house a home for women needing guidance, resources and shelter after serving their country.

“You saw the shell of a building and now we’re back in a year-and-a-half later and it’s no longer a shell. It’s somewhere people can live,” Krause said.

“It’s incredible to see it from its very first beginnings and to meet with Phyllis and hear her share her vision,” Sutherland said.

When the Lady Veterans Connect opens its doors, they’ll be vibrantly red, the windows cleaned, and the exterior a bright white.

“After this year of isolation I hope that people have a deeper understanding of the sense of community. And that ability to be out here and be giving back to the community, it’s just profound,” Sutherland said.

The Lady Veterans Connect Home officially open June 12.

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