Lexington Humane Society shelter filled to capacity; forever homes, fosters needed

Updated: Jun. 22, 2021 at 2:21 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Animal shelters around the area say summer months are typically when they see more animals coming in.

That number dropped last year because of pandemic restrictions for many shelters, but this year it’s picking back up.

The Lexington Humane Society says they always want to match animals and owners to create a forever home. Right now, there are plenty of matches to be made.

“Right now, on campus, we have almost 550 animals,” said Ashley Hammond, LHS director of fundraising. “Last week, we had about 600 animals.”

Hammond says increases around this time of year are normal, but it’s a lot this year.

Humane Society officials say that this is following a pattern they’ve seen developing for years. Typically in the summer months, intake numbers go up and adoption numbers go down, but this year those numbers are even more skewed.

Right now, there are 246 animals ready to be adopted in the adoption center and the Humane Society is caring for even more in the main kennel.

“We have about 200 animals in foster care. 163 of those are felines. Can you imagine?! So, we had over 30 kittens brought in over the weekend, five stray bunnies, we have hundreds of dogs, hundreds of cats, we even have some pigs looking for forever homes,” Hammond said.

The sheer number of animals coming in has forced the shelter to stop accepting animals from their partners in Central Kentucky and, instead, focusing on the ones just in Fayette County.

Hammond says that the influx of animals won’t stop if the trend continues.

“The other day we received 24 animals in one day. We had a kitten dropped by our back door, abandoned, last week,” Hammond said. “This is going to continue to happen over these warm summer months. The more animals get out when it’s warm the more animals that are going to be brought in, therefore the more animals are going to be put up for adoption.”

If you have an interest in adopting or fostering any of these animals, you’re asked to reach out to the Humane Society to set up an appointment.

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