Lexington police horse Yoder, once injured on duty, retiring after serving five years

Lexington police horse Yoder, once injured on duty, retiring after serving five years
Published: Jun. 22, 2021 at 5:20 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - After serving several years as part of the Lexington Police Mounted Unit, Yoder the horse is finally retiring and going to a special home.

Yoder has served for five years with the Lexington Mounted Police. Starting as a 14-year-old horse, he was one of the older horses on patrol, but officers say he couldn’t have been a better fit.

“He’s not mean, he literally has kind eyes, he will do anything that you ask him to do and he tries,” said Sgt. Joey Eckhardt.

During Yoder’s tenure, he had served in Washington D.C., at the Kentucky Derby, and at countless parades.

It was at a Christmas parade that Yoder got his leg stuck in an open road access pipe, but Eckhardt says it was because of Yoder’s calm nature that he was able to be rescued safely.

“He ended up back to full duty and served several years after that, that was just nothing really short of a miracle,” Sgt. Eckhardt said.

After serving several years as a part of the Lexington mounted police unit, Yoder is now living every horse’s dream in a field with plenty of green grass to eat.

“The decision to retire any horse is always a difficult one because you get attached to them, but horses are just like people or any animal so to speak, they develop a lot of ailments over time,” Sgt. Eckhardt said.

And Yoder isn’t retiring at just any farm, he’ll be enjoying the rest of his days with Officer Davis, his rider during his days with the mounted police.

“It’s very special that officer Davis had the facilities and was able to offer Yoder a place to come stay with essentially the officer that spent his career in mounted and he’s the only officer that was ever partners with Yoder in his time here,” Sgt. Eckhardt said.

Officer Davis says Yoder also has another horse already on the farm for him to be friends with.

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