Man impaled at Redneck Rave ‘going to be okay,’ event coming back in October

Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 5:44 PM EDT
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EDMONSON COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Known as “America’s wildest and craziest country party”, upwards of 15,000 people attended the five-day Redneck Rave in Edmonson County last weekend which has made international headlines.

“We arrested a gentleman for choking his girlfriend to unconsciousness,” said Edmonson County Sheriff, Shane Doyle when speaking about the crimes stemming from the event.

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The small town is gaining traction from around the world after officials released information about the severe injuries and criminal activity surrounding the Redneck Rave.

“We got a lot of calls of injuries in the park. A lot of those people were intoxicated. I’m not saying that was or wasn’t a factor,” said Doyle.

However, the founder of the Redneck Rave, Justin Time says he feels like there is unfair judgment for the event.

“They are making it seem to be something that it’s not, when in fact, you know, that they need to focus on the positives, like how many people were actually there that had a good time, how many families were there that had a good time, you know, the boost that we did to the local economy,” said Time.

According to the Edmonson County Sheriff’s Department, there were 48 people were charged, 14 arrested including two warrants served on a fugitive. Based on the first stop at a checkpoint, Sheriff Shane Doyle said he was concerned.

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“We pulled them over and immediately found methamphetamine, marijuana, and then one of the occupants of the vehicle had to arrest warrants for being a fugitive from another county,” explained Doyle. “So that was just something that let us know- Oh, my- this week may not be the most fun for us to deal with. And it turned out that was basically the truth.”

However, Time argues that there’s no way to tell if those charged actually were attending the event.

“We have no idea where some of those arrests came from. They could have been locals in the area, they could have been other out of towners,” said Time.

Doyle said his team which partnered with nearby agencies, focused on checkpoints and responding to calls.

“I think if we’d had the manpower, we could have definitely made more arrests. But they didn’t bring it out in in the community.”

One attendee was impaled with a log, but Doyle says he’s going to be okay.

“A gentleman was impaled by about a two to three-inch log that I mean, it was a freak accident. I don’t know that there was anything they could do to prevent that from happening,” said Doyle.

Meanwhile, Time says the focus of the event shouldn’t be on the negative, but rather the positive such as the economic impact on local businesses.

“They all had record-breaking like the most business they’ve ever done since they’ve been open,” said Time.

“There’s no doubt that there was a positive economic impact to the local businesses, and obviously, the one that hosted the event,” expressed Doyle.

As we wave goodbye to the Redneck Rave for now, Time hopes to come back in October to do it all again.

“We want to keep coming back and do this we don’t want to go against the grain we’re not out to you know, cause any harm or mischief on the local community,” said Time.

This was the second year for the Redneck Rave. Last year, one attendee did die following an accident on their ATV.

The event in the fall will take place from October 14 - 17.

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