Kentucky priest donates 1,000 pounds of beef to God’s Pantry Food Bank

Published: Jul. 13, 2021 at 2:48 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - God’s Pantry Food Bank received over 1,000 pounds of beef as a donation Tuesday.

The donation comes from Father Jim Sichko, a Papal Missionary of Mercy here in Kentucky. As a missionary, Father Sichko travels the world and meets many people, like the Hughes Family.

“I was preaching in Texas, in Southeast Texas, and, while I was there, their father died suddenly in the field of a heart attack and, so then, I felt a need to help them out,” Father Sichko said.

Father Sichko reached out and heard that the two youngest Hughes children each had steers up for auction.

“He’s on the phone and he said and he’s saying, ‘Okay it’s at $2 what do you want to do.’ I said ‘$2 for a steer? Really?’ I said, ‘Let’s go to $5. Let’s go to five.’ And then there was silence. He goes, ‘You won that.’ And I’m like ‘Great! Alright! Good!’ I said, ‘Let’s bring in the next one.’ And they bid it, they brought it in and I said ‘Let’s just go five dollars.’”

“I’m like, ‘Look $10, that’s a typical tithe from people, and he’s like ‘Oh no it’s per pound,’” Father Sichko said.

The two steers combined weight was 2,525 pounds.

Father Sichko says he wanted to donate one of those steers back to the Hughes family to help them out. The other one was processed and that meat is what was donated to God’s Pantry Food Bank.

“Oftentimes, those who go to food banks don’t have the opportunity to buy or have the same quality of food that most Kentuckians take for granted, and so whenever we have a donation of beef, pork, chicken, which we’ve had this past year, it’s a win-win,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarrels.

Being able to be there for people in need is a great feeling for the Hughes family. Just like Father Jim was for them.

“It’s not just going to one person, it’s going to multiple families and people that need it and I think that’s great,” said 17-year-old Jessica Hughes. “And for the community to be able to get something back from what I was able to do, it really just touches my heart.”

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