Catholic Action Center still offering help to landlords and renters who face evictions after moratorium ends

Published: Aug. 1, 2021 at 8:30 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Many lost their jobs during the pandemic, meaning thousands in Lexington have been unable to pay their rent the past few months.

A group of volunteers have been working with renters to prevent this from happening.

“They have a sense of relief, but also a great sense of fear because they know a lot of it hasn’t been processed. And they know it’s up to their landlord,” Catholic Action Center Director Ginny Ramsey said describing the way renters feel who have applied for state aid.

The eviction moratorium has officially ended, meaning landlords can once again legally evict tenants who have fallen behind on their rent.

“The bottom line is getting the checks into the hands of the landlords.”

Which is exactly what Ramsey’s team has been working to do all year. Volunteers helping both renters and landlords apply for aid. There is $30 million in relief set aside for people in Kentucky impacted by COVID-19. Now that deadline to apply for it has passed.

“I saw a beautiful thing on Friday. A landlord and a tenant came together. She was there, the landlord was, to make sure the tenant got everything she needed because she didn’t want to evict her.”

But renters are still waiting for the city to process applications. Many facing homelessness if they don’t get the money to pay their rent.

“As a community, we can walk through this. And landlords will make that decision. They told us that Tuesday. They’ve got to know whether it’s time to go on and pull the trigger because they’re properties are valuable.”

Ramsey said the city has contracted legal aid to work with Ramsey’s volunteers to get applications processed sooner, rather than later.

The Catholic Action Center still has a hotline and volunteers who can help landlords trying to navigate the situation, while waiting for their renters’ aid applications to be processed. We have a link to that information here.

And more information from the city here.

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