Fear and confusion in Jackson County amid COVID-19 outbreak at Jackson Manor Nursing Home

Published: Aug. 2, 2021 at 9:01 PM EDT
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JACKSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Cumberland Valley District Health Department (CVDHD) says they are monitoring a cluster of COVID-19 cases at the Jackson Manor Nursing Home.

They say as of Friday, there were 11 cases among residents and an additional 11 cases among staff at the home.

There are those who say they are still taking COVID-19 seriously across Jackson County.

“I’ve had my shot and think people who haven’t need to re-think,” said resident Herschel Boggs.

Others still have questions.

“It’s just fear and confusion,” said Brian Murray with Town and Country Shell. “People don’t know where they stand. People don’t know what to do. To get vaccinated or not to get vaccinated.”

The home was the site of a major outbreak back in April of last year, in which more than 60 total cases and thirteen deaths were reported.

“But we are very concerned about these individuals because we know their families,” Murray said. “These are the ones you don’t want to see get sick because they are already struggling.”

Officials say that both vaccinated and unvaccinated staff and residents at the home have tested positive. All of those impacted have been quarantined, and the 11 residents have been moved to separate Signature facility COVID unit.

Jackson County has a low overall vaccination rate, and some say it’s hard convincing them to play it safe with COVID-19.

“I think we have a bunch of old school people that probably don’t believe it even exists,” Boggs said.

“I think if people would do what they are supposed to do, everything would be alright,” said local resident Ralph Harris.

“With what has gone on in the government, state and federal in the past few years, a lot of people in these communities don’t trust the federal government,” said Murray.

Because of the positive cases, visitation has been temporarily paused at Jackson Manor.

There was one COVID-19 related death reported in Jackson County recently, but a spokesperson for Signature Health Care says that person was not a resident at Jackson Manor.

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