Scott County to add a wrinkle to its successful football philosophy

Cardinals had ten or more wins from 2008-2019
Published: Aug. 4, 2021 at 5:37 PM EDT
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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Only a pandemic prevented Scott County from extending their streak of 12 consecutive seasons of ten or more wins.

Scott County finished 2020 with a 7-1 record but there are some new faces on this year’s team who have had to grow up a little.

“A lot of seniors graduated and it kind of hurt us but we still got a bunch of younger classmen that played up and helped us out,” says safety Jeremy Hamilton.

“I think we have a lot of, I guess, experienced people playing up and everything helping us. So I think we should be fine.”

There is always a great emphasis put on Scott County’s wing-T offense, but don’t forget about a defense which shouldn’t be overlooked.

Cardinals’ safety Paul Garner agrees. “I think we’re faster than we ever been on defense. I mean we work on flying to the ball every time. We’re not the biggest (or) strongest, but we’re gonna come hit you.”

As for the wing-T, Aaron Klein is the new QB after transferring from Tates Creek and with him running the plays we could see the ball fly around Georgetown more in 2021. “We got a few surprises this year,” believes the Cards’ Defensive Coordinator Monty McIntyre. “We’re gonna run the ball and we’re gonna play good hard-nosed defense, but we’ve got a few little wrinkles we’ve put in also.”

“We’re going to be throwing a little bit more,” Garner said with a smile. “It’s not going to be a complete spread or anything like that but, I mean, we are going to add some new routes, new plays, and we’re going to be ready to go.”

Scott County has developed a bitter and intense rivalry with Douglass. The Cardinals are looking to regain dominance in Central Kentucky 5A football.

“Absolutely,” Garner said. “I mean that that’s one of our biggest motivations every year. It’s rivalry every time we play them and every time we see them acorss the line, I mean we want to go hit them. Punch them in the mouth.” McIntyre thinks ‘Red Heat’ has a chip on their shoulders.

“We have only lost to one team in two years and the people around here think we have had a bad year. So, but I think we’re a little hungry this year. I think we’re in for a good season.”

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