Covid is canceling games for the first week of high school football

At least ten games are already canceled due to Covid
Published: Aug. 18, 2021 at 8:20 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Friday night the 2021 high school football season will be underway. However, Covid is once again starting to be a major player in canceling games.

During the 2020 high school football season, 237 games were canceled between September 11th and December 4th. Already we know officially of ten games being scrapped and more are on the way. KHSAA Commissioner Julian Tackett about the Covid’s Delta variant causing problems and how to prevent cancellations.

Last year, last fall, we lost 25% of our athletic contests due to quarantine, county status, or whatever,” said Tackett in late June. “We’ve got in our control the ability to prevent that. Quarantines are not going away when things happen and you’re exposed, you will still have to be quarantined.”

Tackett gave his opinion on how to eliminate the possibility of games being canceled like 2020.

“We know the number one way to prevent quarantine and cancel contest is for you to be vaccinated. Right now, if you’re on a team and you’re fully vaccinated and you get exposed, no quarantine! You just eliminate (it). You just took care of the problem yourself.”

Below is the day-by-day breakdown of the high school football cancelations in Kentucky for the 2020 season.

September 11: 4 games canceled

September 18: 6 games canceled

September 25: 17 games canceled

October 1: 1 game canceled

October 2: 16 games canceled

October 9: 21 games canceled

October 16: 23 games canceled

October 23: 27 games canceled

October 24: 2 games canceled

October 29: 2 games canceled

October 30: 44 games canceled

October 31: 2 games canceled

November 6: 66 games canceled

November 27: 3 games canceled

December 4: 3 games canceled

TOTAL: 237 games lost due to Covid

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