Railbird comes back stronger on second day, offering free water and additional facilities

Published: Aug. 29, 2021 at 10:57 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Saturday did not go according to plan for organizers and attendees of Railbird Festival alike.

It was a dreadfully hot first day at Railbird which saw hour-long lines to fill up water, buy a drink or get a bite to eat.

Festival goers made the best of a bad situation as long lines and warm temperatures did not mix well.

“There were four of us here,” said Adam Bankovich, who came from Cincinnati to see the performances. “Three of us would like hold a spot and one would go out for food and water and come back.”

The festival stepped up its game for day two at Keeneland, working to make amends for Saturday and cap the festivities on a high note.

“Yesterday was bad but today was much better,” said Dakota Meyers, a concert goer from eastern Kentucky.

Those long lines for water evaporated as the festival brought in additional filling stations and about 50,000 free bottles for guests.

“They had coolers with water and you could just go get water, the water lines were shorter, it made everything much better,” said Brian Williams, another Railbird attendee.

Some concert goers were still dealing with heat related issues, but spirits were raised Sunday.

People on social media showed appreciation for the changes that have been made.

At the festival grounds, others echoed that gratitude.

“I think I’d definitely come back, if they keep it like it was today, if the service was like it was today,” Williams and Meyers agreed.

“For sure, I will be back. Came in 2019, here we are in 21 and I’ll be back,” said Caitlin Rivard, who lives in Lexington.

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