‘Public health nightmare:’ Lexington doctor reacts to some Labor Day weekend plans

Experts say there’s nowhere you can travel where there’s no COVID-19.
Published: Sep. 6, 2021 at 11:34 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As COVID-19 hospitalization records are being broken almost daily, many Americans are enjoying Labor Day travels.

Experts say there’s nowhere you can travel where there’s no COVID-19. They say your risk of exposure or transmitting the virus to others is all about what you do when you get there.

Lexington emergency physician Dr. Ryan Stanton says if you head out for a Labor Day getaway, spend time with people you’re already in close contact with.

He says to wear a mask when necessary and to social distance if possible.

“And of course the best tool that we have is the vaccine,” says Dr. Stanton.

But Stanton says travel isn’t the only potential spreader.

“This weekend we saw a lot of college football with completely packed stadiums with everybody shoulder to shoulder which I’m sure was, for some, a public health nightmare,” Stanton said.

But Stanton also said he’s beginning to see a plateau in new cases in other states. And he expects after this latest spike, there will be a significant amount of protection due to both vaccination rates and natural immunity.

“It won’t be perfect, but I think this is, hopefully, unless nature decides to throw us a curveball, the last of the big spikes,” Stanton said.

Stanton also said schools have been a major source of new cases. He said the long Labor Day weekend may be helpful in reducing numbers.

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