‘Cynthiana Stands Together Week’ planned to help small businesses bounce back

Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 5:27 PM EDT
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CYNTHIANA, Ky. (WKYT) - Local businesses in Cynthiana are preparing for Cynthiana Stands Together Week. After COVID rocked the community over the past year, they’re hoping to come together to give back to local businesses.

Starting on Sept. 13, each day of the week is a different theme and a different way to give back to the community after a difficult, pandemic-filled year.

“Because of all of the things that have been happening with COVID. You know the supply chain disruption, labor shortages, and just COVID and the impacts it continues to have on businesses is rough,” said Tomi Clifford, the executive director of the Harrison Chamber of Commerce. “So we wanted to draw attention to it and kind put more positivity back into the community.”

Clifford said they’re excited to bring the community together and they hope even people from out of town come to celebrate Cynthiana.

“We are the small town escape for your soul. So we are full of small boutiques and restaurants and everyone knows your name here, kind of like cheers but you know it’s a great place to visit and raise your family so we are really excited,” Clifford said.

For business owners like Kaylee Hernandez of Emerson Steel Boutique, things have been difficult, but she’s excited for the week ahead. She opened her business right before the pandemic began.

“I am most excited for Wear It Wednesday. Hopefully we can see everybody in some Emerson Steel. Also really excited for Treat Yourself Friday, hopefully going to get some people in here shopping,” Hernandez said.

For Rachael Linville and the Cheese Store, they are hopeful that more people will come through their doors in the coming week.

“It’s the Pay It Forward day, so we are pretty excited for that and see how long it lasts. Pay it forward. I’m excited for the small businesses downtown, it’s been a rough year,” Linville said.

City officials and businesses are looking forward to seeing locals and visitors come out to spread kindness along with support over the coming week.

You can find more information about the week ahead on the Cynthiana Harrison County Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page.

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