New pup on patrol with Prestonsburg police

Nelson is now on patrol with the Prestonsburg Police Department. And his bite is much worse...
Nelson is now on patrol with the Prestonsburg Police Department. And his bite is much worse than his bark.(WYMT)
Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 7:51 PM EDT
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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) -The Prestonsburg Police Department has a new officer and word on the street is, he’s a very good boy.

Nelson is not even two years old, but he is already dedicated to his job. The Belgian Malinois was born to be an officer and is now working as the first patrol apprehension bite dog at the Prestonsburg PD.

“In the fight of community safety that we can continue, there are things that dogs can do that we can’t do,” said Captain Ross Shurtleff.

Hitting the streets with his partner, officer Jake Chaffins, the K-9 officer is trained to detect drugs, protect his handler, attack on command, and accept all of the pets he can handle.

“It’s just a game to them. All they are working for is to be petted on and loved on and to get that toy,” said Shurtleff. “If Jake is in that fight for his life, without a remote button on his belt. He pushes the button, the door pops open, and Nelson is coming at the speed of light to help protect his handler.”

And though he is a loving pet who will live with Chaffins and his family for the rest of his life, he also means business when he’s on the clock.

“The dog is only a handler handler in a dog. They truly are a team,” said Shurtleff. “It’s something that you can’t break. I have no doubt that if Jake were to get into some sort of hairy situation, Nelson is going to be right now doing what he can to protect him.”

Shurtleff said the new addition to the team is not only the most handsome officer, but will help advance the department as a new tool to keep the community safe.

“A lot of new tools to keep the community safer that we’ve not had before. And then refreshment of those tools that we’ve already had,” said Shurtleff. “It’s a big deal. A lot of work has gone into it.”

Officials say if you see the duo out, you should keep your distance, but make sure to say hello and welcome Nelson to the neighborhood.

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