Wildfire smoke can be seen again in Kentucky skies

Published: Sep. 12, 2021 at 12:04 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Fires out west continue to burn uncontrollably, and once again, the smoke from the fires is being felt across the United States and into Kentucky skies.

This time around, the smoke won’t last as long as the previous event this past summer, but vibrant sunrises and sunsets will be visible once again.

As the jet stream continues to dip, a plume of smoke shown on satellite images shows an extensive stream of smoke extending from Texas to New England.

This, of course, can cause some health concerns for those in sensitive categories, but the good news is that it looks to stay so high up in the upper atmosphere that it shouldn’t cause any major air quality issues in the coming days.

Another interesting aspect of wildfire smoke is that it can even cause temperatures to cool, but this week in the Bluegrass, it looks to bring the opposite.

As we approach Kentucky’s official wildfire season starting in October through December, we remain cautious. If we remain drier into the fall season, it could bring more smoke to the skies of Kentucky.

Into the workweek, an active weather pattern returns to the commonwealth in the coming week that will dissolve most of the smoke in the upper atmosphere above Kentucky.

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