Community holds rally to support Hazard High School amid controversy

Community holds rally to support Hazard High School amid controversy
Published: Oct. 28, 2021 at 5:51 PM EDT
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HAZARD, Ky. (WKYT) - “Unacceptable” has been the reaction from Kentucky state leaders to what happened at Hazard High School.

The high school’s athletics department posted these pictures on its Facebook page:

Several parents have said they upset about inappropriate actions at an assembly at Hazard High School.

They have since been taken down. The pictures show teenage boys in lingerie and teenage girls in Hooters outfits.

While all of that unfolded, the Hazard community showed support for the school by holding a rally Thursday evening at Triangle Park in downtown Hazard.

Students did chants and told stories in defense of their principal, Happy Mobelini, who also appeared briefly at the rally.

A sign was on display at the rally that read “We love you Happy.” It appears there were several student signatures on the sign.

While there were parents who were upset about the assembly, and what they call inappropriate actions, there are parents and students who have said this has all been blown out of proportion.

“As you can see here, we are rallied as a community,” said one student to the crowd. “We are one community, one big family from one school. And who runs it all? Happy!”

Dozens of students and parents showed up to spread their message. However, they collectively denied doing any interviews when reporters offered them the opportunity to give their side of the situation. Many did use a megaphone to speak to the crowd, though.

“Everybody here knows that no matter what race, where you come from, how much money you have, Happy will give you the shirt off his back,” another student said. “He don’t care what you are.”

“We’re here to support the man we love,” a third student said. “He’s been done wrong. We’re here to make sure everybody knows what he’s actually about.”

In a statement by the Hazard Independent Superintendent Wednesday, she said “appropriate disciplinary action has been taken” following an investigation into the assembly.

However, they say it is a personnel matter, and they are not allowed to disclose any other information.

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