Leslie County writer changes style yet again with new children’s book

Leslie County writer changes style yet again with new children's book
Leslie County writer changes style yet again with new children's book(WYMT)
Published: Nov. 7, 2021 at 5:33 PM EST
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(WYMT) - An Eastern Kentucky writer has changed up her style yet again, this time with a children’s book.

Hyden Native Amy Brudnicki published “Fluffy’s Missing Gift” back in October.

“The story is Max got a gift for Fluffy but he’s lost it,” Brudnicki said. “So, on each page you’re trying to look for the gift that he’s lost.”

While a deviation from her previous works, Brudnicki said that is to be expected, citing her other work “Echoes of the Past.”

“I was just writing down stories that I didn’t want to forget,” she said. “That’s just how I write, I write down stuff that I want to remember always and I want my family and friends to remember. So, that is the driving force behind what I choose to write about.”

Brudnicki said it was a new challenge she never expected.

“I’ve never in my life thought I would write a children’s book,” she said. “I never thought that would happen for me. So, I’ve quit saying never because every time I’ve said that it happens.”

Brudnicki said the book is inspired by her personal experiences, similar to her other works.

“I just got to thinking about some of the animals that we had, had over the years and that we currently have,” she said. “I thought that would be cute for the family, usually I just write for myself.”

Brudnicki said the process turned out to be harder than she thought.

“It was one of the hardest things I mean it’s a little tiny book but there’s so much that goes into it,” she said.

Brudnicki adds that she hopes this will inspire other writers nervous to take that first step.

“I just say listen to your heart and believe in yourself. Even if you think you can’t do it, you just might be able to do it,” she said. “Just take a chance on yourself, that’s my advice.”

Brudnicki said while there are no plans to write anymore children’s books, there is always a possibility.

Those interested in picking up the new book, and her other works, can find it on Amazon.

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