12-year-old in Breathitt County takes action during flooding

12-year-old in Breathitt County takes action during flooding
12-year-old in Breathitt County takes action during flooding(WYMT)
Published: Jan. 2, 2022 at 5:51 PM EST
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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - During severe weather, like the major flooding that took place Saturday, help can come in many shapes and sizes.

For many communities in Breathitt County, people were struggling to save their homes.

This left 12-year-old Tanner Cooper wanting to help out.

“My family and them was over there in their house,” Cooper said. “So, I went over there and started helping them and then my uncle’s tires and stuff washed down and I went to go get them.”

With the help of his cousin, Cooper wasted no time.

He rode his horse through the flood to gather his family’s items.

“He doesn’t care, he does all that kind of stuff,” Tanner’s Grandmother Joanne Noble said. “He doesn’t see no danger, him and his cousin do not see no danger. They just do it, they don’t think, they just do it.”

However, for Cooper, the sight of flooding is not uncommon.

“It was kind of like usual,” he said. “Usually, every flood I usually walk the roads and see how bad it is.”

Noble said Cooper saw a lot of support and appreciation from the neighborhood.

“They just want to do it to help. Isaac is good for that too, Tanner’s cousin, but they like to help,” she said. “That’s the main thing, they like to help.”

With flooding in the area calming down, Cooper said he was worried about the county.

“Yeah, this one was worse. Last one, it didn’t break the roads off as bad and I almost fell in the creek when I was going down the road,” he said. “My pony kept going towards the ditch line, that’s the only reason I didn’t go in the creek.”

Noble said in the meantime, they have been keeping safe.

She adds when things calm down, Cooper might go out and look for the rest of his uncle’s tires.

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