WKYT team coverage of winter weather

As another round of winter weather moves through the region Wednesday night, we have crews in...
As another round of winter weather moves through the region Wednesday night, we have crews in several areas ready to give you the latest updates.(WKYT)
Published: Jan. 19, 2022 at 9:45 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As another round of winter weather moves through the region Wednesday night, we have crews in several areas ready to give you the latest updates.


The main concern Wednesday night is that roads are going to be very icy, slick and potentially dangerous. There will be a full staff of Lexington crews out all night and another full staff for the morning shift.

The city is also using the same contracted crews they used during Sunday’s snow. Their focus is on main roads so Lexington crews can focus on side streets and in neighborhoods.

Even with the extra help, Lexington Police Chief Lawrence Weathers is urging you to drive very slowly if you have to be out, and encouraging people not to drive at all. He said to be mindful when you’re driving over bridges, off ramps, intersections, and basically any shaded areas because those will be even more slick.

“Our specialty vehicles are being prepped. Our traffic control equipment is ready for deployment if needed. We’ll have officers monitoring the interstate to assist motorists, to respond to collisions and any other traffic hazards,” Chief Weathers said.

Chief Weathers also said they’ve been inundated with 911 calls from people just asking for weather updates. He’s really urging you not to do this, especially tonight because they need these lines open for emergencies.

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Crews in Richmond could brine the roads because the rain would have washed it away. With the potential for flash freezing, once temperatures get in the teens, salt is not that effective either, which means things could be a mess on Thursday.

Just like most of the region, it’s been a one-two-three punch. During the first storm a few weeks ago, bad snow conditions forced I-75 to shut down.

Road crews both at the state and local levels have been putting in the miles and using a lot of their resources during these systems.

“Especially when you have several storms in one winter. We resupply our salt in the summertime. We have plenty reserved for the storm, and hopefully for this winter, if we don’t have too many more,” said Rob Mienerich, Richmond’s city manager. “Like I said, our road department does a phenomenal job. We’re well staffed, have plenty of trucks. It was easier the last storm because it started with snowing, and we can go to work right away. With this storm you’ve got the water on the ground and have to wait until it freezes and then we’ll go to work.”

Madison County schools and EKU will be on a virtual learning plan Thursday. City officials will check conditions later Wednesday night and in the morning before determining if city offices will be open.

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Mount Sterling

The storm nearly two weeks ago shut down parts of I-64 near Mount Sterling due to a major pileup. Fortunately since then, Montgomery County hasn’t seen any other major issues during the second winter storm and officials hope that will continue Wednesday night into Thursday.

Officials tell us if you have to travel, you should take it slow and be prepared for anything.

“Make sure you have a blanket, a flashlight, some water in your vehicle. That was one of our biggest issues on the first one was we were providing water to everyone. And if you’re at home and have to use alternate heat, check your ventilation, don’t run generators in the house, make sure they’re outside,” said Greg Beam, the director of Montgomery County Emergency Management.

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