Dozens of Scott Co. Middle students written up for dress code violation after wearing leggings

Dozens of students sent home from Scott Co. Middle for dress code violation
Published: Feb. 11, 2022 at 6:31 PM EST
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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Officials with Scott County Schools are saying improved communication would have avoided conflict Friday after dozens of students were written up for wearing leggings to Scott County Middle School.

The girls were wearing leggings Friday as part of a trial run for adding them to the dress code, but many said they left school embarrassed after being called out of class.

For Fridays in February, girls at Scott County Middle are allowed to wear leggings to school. As long as, according to the district, other dress code guidelines are followed. But just as the school day started, many were pulled from class and told they had to change. They’re hoping by this story getting publicity, there will be change from school officials.

“This is something that any woman would wear any time of day during the week,” Scott Co. mother Crystal Davis said.

Crystal is fired up after her daughter Kelsey was pulled from class at Scott County Middle School for wearing leggings.

“One of the ladies was talking to us about how lots of people were breaking the dress code. Most girls started crying because it was really humiliating,” said Kelsey, a sixth grader.

“To me it’s ridiculous. We follow the rules. It was a trial run. If they would have communicated that to parents, I would have made sure that she was finger length. She usually doesn’t have to wear a finger length shirt. So that wasn’t something I was looking for this morning,” Crystal said.

Madison Easterling, an eighth grader, is the student that started the conversations with the site base decision making council about adjusting the dress code. She first emailed with officials at the start of the school year. She’s hoping to have further conversations after Friday’s fashion fiasco.

“If they don’t agree to this, I’ll try to make some compromises. But I will fight for anything to make change,” Easterling said.

In the district’s statement, they did say no students were required to leave school as a result of dress code today, though some chose to do so and were signed out by their parents.

The next board of education meeting is Thursday at 6:30. Site base meets again on the 28th at

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