Charges filed against Ky. middle school student over video circulating on social media

Charges have been filed against a Kentucky middle school student after a video circulated on social media showing a fight between students. (Source: WKYT)
Published: Apr. 25, 2022 at 11:47 AM EDT
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CASEY COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Charges have been filed against a Casey County Middle School student after a video circulating social media showed him assaulting another student.

The incident happened last week in a school restroom.

In the video, which we have decided not to show, a racial slur can be heard as a white student holds a Black student in a chokehold while three other students watch. The Black student then appears to pass out.

“Well, it is disturbing. No one likes to see violence around your child and stuff like that,” said parent Eric May.

Monday morning, Liberty police told us a student has since been charged with strangulation and assault. Police say what happens to the suspect in the case will be up to the juvenile court system, which is not public record.

“Every school deals with fights and altercations. Every one of them is different. I can’t say I have had a situation with strangulation at the school. That’s definitely a first,” said Jordan Buis with the Liberty Police Department, who is also a school resource officer.

Some parents and students we spoke with say they’ve known of other bathroom fights that got out of hand.

“I don’t know. I think it’s awful what happened. I don’t think they should have done that to that boy,” said Kloe May, a middle school student.

Casey County Schools released this statement about what happened:

Casey County Schools is aware of the video circulating on social media involving an incident at Casey County Middle School.

The incident took place this past Friday, and the school administrators took immediate action with the support of a Liberty Police Department deputy who serves as the School Resource Officer (SRO).

The school administrators and the SRO have been in communication with the parents throughout the investigation. No further information can be released due to all parties involved are juveniles, and the investigation is still ongoing.

Superintendent Barry Lee added, “The behavior that occurred in the video will not be tolerated. The school administrators and the SRO took immediate action but we must continue to be proactive in helping our students to understand that this is not acceptable behavior in our schools or in our communities.”

It’s now up to the juvenile system to consider punishment and weigh what role racial motivation may have played.

“With criminal charges it is my understanding that any type of stuff like that is added on in the sentencing phase later in court,” said Buis.

The video shows three other students and police say they are still investigating if others will face charges.

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