Candidates for Lexington mayor preview what’s at stake in race

We’re getting closer to knowing which two candidates for Lexington mayor will be moving on to November’s general election.
Published: May. 16, 2022 at 10:03 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We’re getting closer to knowing which two candidates for Lexington mayor will be moving on to November’s general election.

It’s been a heated race so far, over topics like crime, affordable housing and mental health.

All three candidates are optimistic about how they’ll do, and of course only two will move forward.

Mayor Linda Gorton’s challengers, David Kloiber and Adrian Wallace, put it simply as what is at stake.

“I think that it really is the difference between having change in our city, and having more of the same,” Kloiber said.

“I love my city. It’s the horse capital of the world. The problem is it has become a tale of two cities since 1985. We have a lot of inequalities, very blatantly on display,” Wallace said.

Mayor Gorton is vying for a second term in the mayor’s office. She said she has the broadest, and most experience of the candidates on the ballot.

“People know my record. They know I have led this county through a global pandemic. I met the racial justice protest head on, and talked with people and formed my commission on racial justice,” Mayor Gorton said.

The campaign has really focused on crime, and affordable housing as some of the top issues in the race. The candidates believe voters will be thinking about their ideas on the issues as they vote.

“There’s concerns about crime, there’s concerns about the rising housing costs. There’s concerns about jobs and wages and keeping up with inflation, I’m looking forward to getting the chance to work with the community to try and put some real proven policies in place to address them,” Kloiber said.

Wallace has campaigned heavily on mental health and affordable housing.

“Public health, and mental health, and substance abuse crisis to our housing epidemic, to the pandemic that we’ve been dealing with for three years and we still haven’t fully recovered from. There are so many issues to point out. Name an issue, and I’ll point out that we’ve had a lack of leadership,” Wallace said.

Mayor Gorton continues to tout her successes in addressing crime and affordable housing.

“We have to continue our robust efforts which we have going on right now in government to deal with crime. And affordable housing is on everybody’s mind. I have put a lot of resources and work into being sure we can build affordable housing here,” Gorton said.

For the two who advance on Tuesday, they’ll not only have to work to keep those votes in November, but also convince those who voted against them in the primary to give their support in November.

Kloiber said he has looked at the primary as an introduction of who he is and looks forward to talking more to people about the issues and solutions.

Wallace called his campaign a “grass roots effort” and he is a candidate about unity.

Mayor Gorton said she’s planning to go out more into the community and meet with people she hasn’t met before and explain her platform

There is a fourth candidate on the ballot, William Weyman. He hasn’t put up much of a campaign and never responded to our invitation to last week’s televised debate with the candidates.

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