‘We made gold here:’ Songwriter reflects on writing song recorded by Noah Thompson

There is a song climbing the country music charts, and the voice behind it is from eastern Kentucky.
Published: May. 23, 2022 at 10:52 PM EDT
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKYT) -- There is a song climbing the country music charts, and the voice behind it is from eastern Kentucky.

Louisa-native Noah Thompson was crowned the winner of American Idol Sunday and his debut single is already a hit.

“One Day Tonight” is currently number one on the iTunes country music charts. One of the writers of the song says it has been waiting for years to get its time to shine.

“We wrote this song...it’s probably a couple years old at this point,” said Brett Sheroky. “We were all fired up about it. We thought that song was like a no-brainer. We thought, ‘Man we got gold here.’ But you never know, sometimes you think that and it doesn’t. Then sometimes you think ‘This song, eh.’ Then someone cuts it, and it’s a hit, and you’re like, ‘Really!?’ So it works both ways.”

The song had been shopped around and a few artists put it on hold for their records. Sheroky says Kane Brown put it on hold twice, but it never made any final cuts, until American Idol called.

“I’m not even exactly sure,” Sheroky recalled. “The folks at American Idol wanted the song, and the three writers agreed to it. I think they redid the demo...then rushed out to L.A. to get the vocals on it. it was like boom, boom, boom.”

Sheroky says he hasn’t actually met Thompson yet, but says he’d love to work with him and get some more hits on country radio.

“We view songs as our babies. You create them from nothing and you’re like, ‘Alright, now go. I hope I raised you right’ kind of thing. Songs like that, they don’t happen a whole lot, but certain songs they’re like the kid you’re like ‘Alright I did a good job raising that kid. That one is going to be okay.’”

“One Day Tonight” has been streamed nearly 224,000 times on Spotify, and debuted at number 3 on iTunes country charts.

“Really thank you for people that like it and do share it, and request it and all that. It means a lot to us as the people that sit in a room and have to come up with an idea from nothing.”

“One Day Tonight” is streaming on all music platforms.

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