March for Our Lives draws large crowd to Frankfort

Crowd gathered at Kentucky State Capitol for rally.
Crowd gathered at Kentucky State Capitol for rally.(Source: WKYT)
Published: Jun. 12, 2022 at 11:01 PM EDT
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - A March for Our Lives rally at the Kentucky State Capitol was just one of many held across the country today.

Kentuckians chanted from the front steps of the capitol, asking for an end to gun violence. The rise of gun violence in the state is causing some activists to speak out.

One rally attendee, Vicki Jared was upset about the lack of gun limitations. She said, “they put no restrictions, no regulations, nothing, and something has to be done. We’ve got to save the kids.”

Those involved in the rally called on Kentucky lawmakers to make changes, including background checks and more limitations.

Posters and signs were also held high as people listened to speakers remarks on the recent tragedies that shook the nation and the community. Some speakers included people from Mom’s Demand Action, local students, and some who have been directly affected by gun violence.

Jose Pagan, a father from Kentucky, said “to put your son on that bus that day and see them, and then expect to come back to them, and begin summer vacation, and not. I can only imagine what that feels like.”

Although some people were at the event to support the cause against gun violence, some people lost loved ones. Wantrice Proctor was one mother who lost her son to gun violence in 2020.

Wantrice Proctor said, “He was 17. He was a senior at Carter G. Academy. He had a job. He played football. He was heading in the right direction, like the rest of my children. He was on his way to college.”

She said it’s a day-to-day struggle, but she remembers her son as a smart and funny kid, who was just living his life. Wantrice, along with others at the rally, share the idea that these tragedies can happen to anyone.

She said, “I will be at every rally, when the call is called, I will be there. Because I will always fight. I will always be Michael Proctor’s voice, always.”

The hope of this rally and the other March for Our Lives rallies around the country is to make a change to gun policies and laws.

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