Thousands lose power as storm rolls across Central Kentucky

Storm damage about seven miles west of Prestonsburg, Ky.
Storm damage about seven miles west of Prestonsburg, Ky.(Gary L. Eldridge)
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 12:23 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Thousands of people have lost power as a storm with lots of lightning rolled across Central Kentucky.

According to the Kentucky Utilities outage map, about 4,200 customers in Lexington were without power at one point.

Scott County

Minimal damage has been reported across Scott County. We did see several small tree limbs and twigs down in the road and right after the storm. Emergency management told us about 35 roads were closed because they were blocked by fallen tree limbs and power lines.

On Rogers Gap Road, a tree fell on two cars. The home has been hit before-- the garage door is still damaged from a previous storm.

We also found trees down in the Walnut Creek subdivision.

Emergency management said it’s been a busy afternoon for them. We have seen a few traffic lights out, so remember to treat those like 4-way stops if you come to one.

There are just under 3,000 customers without power in Scott County.

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Thousands lose power as storm rolls across Central Kentucky - Georgetown


There are clear signs that a storm rolled through Lexington. Downed branches and even downed trees became a problem across the county today. In the Buck Lane area, a tree fell on the roof and AC unit of a home.

“By the time it went through Franklin County, we could tell we were probably going to be in for a pretty big hit,” said Tim Brandewie with Fayette County emergency management.

Brandewie said they saw downed branches and trees across the county. He said his crews quickly got to work removing downed debris in public roadways. They’re also trying to take care of another major issue—downed power lines.

“The main thing we started to get were lightning strikes on electrical infrastructure ahead of the main wind line. Then as the winds came in, we started to have multiple limbs come down, which take wires. Pretty widespread across the county,” Brandewie said.

Brandewie said his crews worked quickly to get power lines re-strung on their end. But it may take the electric companies some time.

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Thousands lose power as storm rolls across Central Kentucky - Lexington

Harrison County

While there’s not significant damage, there are some places where people are picking up debris from damage to their homes.

That includes an apartment building in Cynthiana where the roof was blown off during the storms. It’s the Smiser Building on Pike Street.

“My daughter called me and wanted to know if I knew what was going on at the Smiser building in Cynthiana. I said no what, I live here. She said the whole roof is gone,” said Stephen Ecklar, who lives in the building.

Strong winds peeled half the roof off and blew it back behind the building. Debris narrowly missing the home next door, but a sheet of metal is stuck in a tree.

“I look at the picture and I’m like oh my goodness my mother lives here too. So I’m back to work clocking out, come down here to check it out and see what’s going on. Luckily, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be,” Ecklar said.

There is a second roof underneath the metal one that was twisted and blown off of this building. Neighbors say they are thankful that it was there because that protected their homes from any kind of damage.

“You really don’t understand how powerful nature can be until something like this happens. It’s devastating actually what it did to that roof. This roof isn’t that old. To tear it off like it did, that’s a lot of force,” Ecklar said.

No injuries were reported, and because that second roof was still there, the building is structurally sound and the neighbors are able to still stay there.

“Couldn’t be happier that that was done several years ago, or it would have been a lot worse than it is today,” Ecklar said.

Ecklar says he did not have renter’s insurance before today, but he’s called his agent and got a policy right away.

Thousands lose power as storm rolls across Central Kentucky - Cynthiana

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