Lexington Sporting Club plans to build complex off Newtown Pike

The Lexington Sporting Club, the city’s new professional soccer team, said it has plans for nearly 150 acres of land just off of Newtown Pike, near the...
Published: Jun. 21, 2022 at 5:42 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The Lexington Sporting Club, the city’s new professional soccer team, said it has plans for nearly 150 acres of land just off of Newtown Pike, near the interstate.

That’s where the club wants to build its stadium, along with 12 youth soccer fields, between Newtown Pike and Russell Cave Road.

In a statement of justification, Anderson Communities, which owns this land, said the goal of Lexington Sporting Club is to continue to advance the sport of soccer and provide coaching and support for the 1,400 youth members.

They said a recent study indicated the youth facility alone would result in $8.5 million in taxes in the first 20 years and employ around 125 people.

In that statement of justification, Anderson Communities said a neighboring lot they own is where they and the Lexington Sporting Club want to build that 6,000-seat soccer stadium.

This is the second location the sporting club as openly talked about in terms of building their stadium.

Back in January the sporting club released renderings of their proposal for the High Street parking lot, but they told us in May that they removed themselves from the bid because it didn’t end up fitting the club’s vision or timeline.

The lot right now is a training center for horses. In fact, according to renderings we obtained, the youth fields would go right on top of where a training track is.

There is some pushback from horse facilities around here who worry about noise, traffic, and other negative impact it could bring.

Newtown Station Layover, which is essentially a hotel for traveling horse owners to bring their horses, is very concerned about noise, lights and other disruptions to what is a pretty quiet area.

Traffic is another concern. They said they found out about these plans just a few weeks ago, and were not clued in by developers.

Barbara Poole’s life is around the horses that come to Newtown Station Layover, and making sure they have a quiet and calming place to stay.

“I’m not interested in lights and traffic. I’m not interested in loud noises and fireworks,” said Dr. Barbara Poole.

Poole said she’s afraid all of that is coming right behind her land.

“My first reaction is that’s not what this property was designed for. It wasn’t what it was zoned for. It was supposed to be economic development, which is offices, warehouses,” Poole said.

The Lexington Sporting Club said the site is ideal for building practice and competition venues in close proximity, which would enhance the experience for our youth and professional players. They add the location also fits their vision of creating a stadium geared toward a fan-friendly match day atmosphere, but Poole worries about the peace it will cost the area.

“5:00 in the afternoon sometimes you can’t get out of my driveway, and I cater to semis all across the United States and Canada. Sometimes they can’t get out onto the road and having horses in hot trailers sitting in your driveway is not ideal,” Poole said.

According to design renderings, the youth fields will go up in an area where a horse racing training track stands now. The only access would be from Newtown Pike to Providence Place Parkway.

“I have some concerns on what it’s going to do to my business. And the safety of my horses when we have crowds of people in and out,” Poole said.

Right now, the youth fields are the only things up for immediate discussion.

They’re waiting on approval of a conditional use permit with the Urban County Board of Adjustment, saying the fields fall under the agricultural zoning the spot is already appointed.

In filings with the board, documents do say Anderson Communities also own the land the stadium would be built over and said they plan to develop commercial flex space and residential uses.

The Urban County Board of Adjustment will meet next week.

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