Election official urges voters to report suspicions of voter fraud

Election official urges voters to report suspicions of voter fraud
Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 9:37 PM EST
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KENTUCKY. (WKYT) - This time tomorrow, most Kentuckians will likely know who is representing them locally, at the state level and in Washington D.C.

Voting locations open bright and early Tuesday at 6 a.m., but poll workers and election officials will be at work long before that, getting ready and setting up to ensure a smooth election.

Amy Burke is the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the criminal division at the Office of the Attorney General. They are calling on the public to take advantage of their election fraud hotline to report and notify them of any irregularities.

“It could be something that needs to be sent back to your local board of elections or something your local county clerk needs to be aware of,” Burke said. “Maybe something that we can handle right there in the moment, we’ll have Kentucky State Police officers right there with us tomorrow.”

She tells WKYT, as of 7 p.m. on Monday, the AG’s office had gotten 93 pre-election complaints related to this year’s general election. 14 have been lodged from Jefferson County and two in Fayette. During the 2020 general election cycle, the office of the attorney general got a total of 465 complaints. Six of them were referred to the department of criminal investigations. of those, three have been prosecuted.

“I remember vividly, a few years ago, a lady called and said a gentleman I know in my community is a convicted felon, I know him to be this, I work for the local newspaper,” Burke said. “He’s on Facebook saying I just voted and had the little sticker and by golly, he had voted and he was in fact not able to vote.”

Kentucky is currently one of seven states that do not automatically restore voting rights after an individual completes their sentence.

Burke is encouraging voters to be vigilant, speak up, voice concerns and report any suspicions of election fraud on Tuesday, in order to keep this year’s election fair and free.

If you notice something suspicious or have any questions or concerns, you are urged to call the election fraud hotline at 1-800-328-VOTE.