9-year-old Ky. boy selected for WWII history program shares experience for Veterans Day

WATCH | 9-year-old Ky. boy selected for WWII history program shares experience for Veterans Day
Published: Nov. 11, 2022 at 4:23 PM EST
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LONDON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Laurel County boy is sharing a special experience with his classmates this veteran’s day.

When you think of Veterans Day at an elementary school, you probably remember a couple of things from your childhood. Some patriotic signs, flags and a message about the service of our veterans.

This Veteran’s Day, London Elementary gave a message with a bit of a twist. Today’s lesson is being taught by a nine-year-old

Dyche Young spoke to an assembly of his classmates and hometown veterans about the experience he had in September visiting the hollowed grounds of World War II Europe.

Dyche entered a contest through Operation Meatball, an organization that brings veterans to those very monuments that have been built to remember their service to our nation Something Dyche has a passion for. Dyche was one of the seven children nationally.

“I love WWII history and I hate how people are forgetting it and we need to remember it,” Dyche said

But sadly, many of those World War II veterans are not able to visit those monuments.

That is where a Bridge to History comes in, a pilot program designed for kids to experience history by taking them to the places where our WWII veterans fought.

Once the group of seven returned from their trip, they had a mission of their own: to teach their classmates about the history they experienced.

“Basically, we need to just remember it and we have to teach people and as new generations come along, we can keep teaching generations,” Dyche said.

And in Dyche’s case, helping us all understand what a veteran’s service means.

“I hope that we can just remember the men that fought and remember the history and sacrifices,” Dyche said.