Wildfires keep firefighters busy on Thanksgiving in Rockcastle County

WATCH | Wildfires keep firefighters busy on Thanksgiving in Rockcastle County
Published: Nov. 25, 2022 at 3:36 PM EST
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ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Federal and local firefighters were busy on Thanksgiving in Rockcastle County.

Several acres of woodland from Thursday through Friday morning. Firefighters were forced to put their Thanksgiving day plans on hold and the US Forest Service sent crews in to help.

“We had crews, hotshot crews from California and Colorado. They came in, very welcome to see those guys,” said Carpenter. “We wanted to get back home and have Thanksgiving dinner.”

Most of the fires Thursday started on the sides of roads in the Livingston area of southern Rockcastle County.

“If you put a little bit of wind in it, it can pick up fast and increase in intensity,” said Chief Jeff Carpenter, Livingston Fire and Rescue.

Firefighters say, even though we did get some rain, which did help the situation a lot, it’s not going to be the end of all of this.

December 15 is the end of fire season. A date they are very much so looking forward to, because of what has already happened here in Rockcastle county this fire season.”

Two weeks ago, more than 2,000 acres burned in the Cut Gap fire.

“If I could give a message to everyone out there, watch your burning. Just because we have some rain, doesn’t mean it is enough to keep the woods from burning,” said Carpenter.

The cause of Thursday’s fires is unknown but it could be as simple as someone throwing a lit cigarette out of a car window.

“But it just takes a change of wind and you can lose a structure really easily,” Carpenter said.

No structures were in harm’s way Thursday or Friday morning, but next time that may not be the case.

Chief Carpenter says a lot of woodland fires are started by lightning but there were no thunderstorms in the area Thursday.