Eky. flood victims still need help after FEMA leaves

Eky. flood victims still need help after FEMA leaves
Published: Nov. 28, 2022 at 5:07 PM EST
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LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s been four months since the floods devastated eastern Kentucky, and one month since that FEMA deadline came and went.

Yet, AppalReD attorney Whitney Bailey says they are still getting new calls for help every week. Among them was a Letcher County woman who started applying months ago, and is still being denied to this day.

Like many others in eastern Kentucky, Chasity Mullins was fast asleep in her Jenkins home as the water swiftly rose in late July. She still can’t believe what she saw when one of her sons eventually woke her.

“I’ll never forget that sight because it looked like we were sitting in the middle of a muddy, raging river,” Mullins said.

A mother of four, Mullins and her boyfriend rounded up the kids and gathered all they could before getting to safety. However, they lost everything they left behind. To rub salt in fresh wounds, her boyfriend was made to resign from his job.

With no way of supporting themselves, they tried seeking aid from both FEMA and the Red Cross. However, Mullins had issues with heirship because her home was still technically in her grandmother’s name.

Several months and several delays later, Mullins is left with little more than feelings of frustration.

“On top of having to deal with all this heartache and devastation and loss, we’re out here trying to dig up paperwork four months later, I’m telling you right now they ain’t helping me do squat,” Mullins said.

AppalReD attorney Whitney Bailey is giving Mullins hope that the situation is not a complete loss, and they are going to keep fighting for what she deserves.

“don’t give up,” Bailey said. “keep pushing through. But also reach out and let us shoulder that burden.”

Bailey says their organization is looking into options for those who didn’t get the chance to apply for FEMA assistance by the deadline. Whether you are looking to appeal a decision or are just getting started searching for aid, she urges you to take the time and ask for that help.