Gov. Beshear officially files for reelection

Gov. Beshear officially files for reelection
Published: Dec. 5, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Governor Andy Beshear officially filed papers Monday to run for a second term as governor of Kentucky.

His family and Lieutenant Governor Jacqueline Coleman joined him Monday afternoon as he filed the candidacy papers at the Secretary of State’s Office.

“This race isn’t going be about anything national, and it’s not gonna be about some drama between candidates; it’s gonna be about who can fulfill the needs of our families and having a pretty special family myself. I think the voters of Kentucky, who know me pretty well by now, know that I will work for them tirelessly each and every day,” Governor Beshear said.

The governor’s race is growing crowded. So far, 12 Republicans have already filed paperwork with intent to run, and Democrat Geoff Young, who just recently lost the race for U.S. House of Representatives, has also announced a campaign.

The Republican Party of Kentucky released a statement Monday afternoon saying in part, “Beshear and the Democratic Party do not represent Kentucky values.” They went on to say, “In 2023, the Andy Beshear show will have its final season.”

Dr. Stephen Voss, a political science professor at the University of Kentucky, believes that not all of the Republican candidates will still be standing on primary day.

“People will drop out. They’ll redirect to other activities. We can have some hope that the field will thin down enough that the negative effects of having so many candidates won’t ever be experienced,” Voss said.

Beshear says if re-elected, he’d prioritize pay raises for educators to combat the ongoing teacher shortage and focus on furthering economic development.

Voss says the state of the economy will be a deciding factor for many at the polls.

The filing deadline to run for governor is January 6. The primary election will be held on May 16, and the general election will be held on November 7.