Five apartments condemned at Lexington complex

The city says five buildings at the Veridian Apartments off Man O’ War Blvd are condemned after...
The city says five buildings at the Veridian Apartments off Man O’ War Blvd are condemned after several busted pipes during the deep freeze.(WKYT)
Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 5:55 PM EST
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correction: Since our initial report, the mayor's office has notified us that they mistakingly told us five buildings were condemned when, in fact, it is five apartments, not five buildings.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There is a water crisis at a Lexington apartment complex.

The city says five apartments at the Veridian Apartments off Man O’ War Blvd are condemned after several pipes busted during the deep freeze.

Families are being displaced and others still living there say they haven’t had water for days.

Veridian residents say the message they received from office staff on Christmas is a message they’ve now heard for six days.

“He said it’s not going to be fixed tonight, but we hope it will be fixed tomorrow,” said a Veridian resident.

They say their water was shut off in an emergency because of broken pipes, but the tenants’ emergency has now become finding water for their homes.

“The office is offering two one-gallon jugs of water for every apartment. And I will tell you right now that flushes the toilet once,” said the resident.

This resident has been forced to board their dogs because of the lack of water. With three days to go until rent is due, they say no other accommodations have been made.

Ben Carter with the Kentucky Equal Justice Center says that running water must be provided by Lexington landlords under Kentucky state law. In situations like these which he refers to as an ‘act of God,’ he says the landlord has to prove they are efforting repairs or maintenance work and communicate that.

Even still, Carter says tenants have a right to seek compensation in some form.

“the renters and their landlord should be talking about some sort of discount on their December rent or a pro-rated January rent,” said Carter. “In addition to that, renters should be talking to them about the expenses they incurred from their failure to provide the water.”

The Mayor’s Office says tenants can also reach out to the Lexington Fair Housing Council to discuss the lack of water being a breach of their lease.

Beau Revlett with KY Tenants says this scenario serves as an example of the need for more protections for renters.

“That’s just absurd. It can have negative effects on a person’s health. We need a quicker response. We need humane treatment of tenants.”

The Mayor’s Office says Code Enforcement is out at three other Lexington complexes dealing with similar issues.

WKYT has made multiple attempts to reach out to Veridian and its parent company. They have not yet responded.