Lexington mother without home after pipe burst condemns unit

WATCH | Lexington mother without home after pipe burst condemns unit
Published: Dec. 30, 2022 at 5:15 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Savannah Huddle lives at the Veridian apartment complex. During the extreme cold, pipe bursts forced her family out of their home. Now her unit is condemned along with four others, and she has nowhere to go.

Dauenhauer Plumbing says there were likely 400 to 500 water pipe breaks in the Veridian apartment complex. At least one of them occurred in the space above Huddle’s unit. Nearly a week later, she’s still seeking answers from management.

Huddle had a rude awakening on Christmas Eve. She says despite dripping her faucets, water came down like a flood from above. Before long, her ceiling was caving in.

“It was about 4:45 am, and the water in my son’s bathroom was already around my ankles,” said Huddle. “We grabbed what clothes we could. My son went out in his pajamas because his whole entire room was destroyed.”

Forced out into frigid temperatures, they were fortunate to have friends and family take them in. Others say they’ve been living couch to couch but haven’t spoken out for fear of retribution.

When Huddle and others try to reach management about their dilemmas, they say the response is either dismissive or nonexistent.

“They’re just running over people, taking advantage of people and not offering any resources,” said Huddle.

Tenants say that management is still expecting rent to be paid in full on January 1.

Huddle says, beyond the physical damage, it’s also taken a mental toll.

“When you’re having to watch your child,” said Huddle. “It’s very heartbreaking because he’s four. All he knows is ‘my room is gone. I want to go home.’”

Huddle says this experience makes her afraid to move into another large complex in the future.

“What if they handle things as unprofessionally as the Veridian has? It’s just scary because you never know how people are going to react. Especially if it’s a business and it impacts their money,” said Huddle.

Out of those hundreds of pipe bursts, Dauenhauer says their crews have fixed about 200. they are working as fast as they can but say the work will hopefully be done by Tuesday.

WKYT has reached out to Veridian and their parent company, Brookside Properties, numerous times. We have not had any response to our requests for comment.