Renters rally for ‘Tenants’ Bill of Rights’ outside Lexington apartment complex

WATCH | Renters rally for ‘Tenants’ Bill of Rights’ outside Lexington apartment complex
Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 4:33 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A tenants’ rights press conference was held outside the Veridian of Lexington Apartments on Wednesday.

WKYT has spoken to several tenants at Veridian after the artic freeze last month left some without a place to stay.

Organizations and tenants came out to ask for a change, and dozens of people came to support. They are urging the Urban County Council to pass a ‘Tenants’ Bill of Rights.’

Tenants say when housing is stable, things are better, but they say poor communication isn’t what they deserve.

“The process has been absolutely terrible,” said Veridian resident Heather Pechatsko. “Communication with the office staff has been disgusting.”

Pechatsko is one of many tenants at the Veridian who stood up to tell their story.

“I left the office seeing red,” said Pechatsko. “She didn’t treat me like a human being. She showed no care, no compassion and no desire to help.”

For residents like Loralyn McBrayer, she’s hoping to get better tenant laws that protect them in situations like this.

“Whether that be something written in the tenant laws that ok, they have to find you an alternate apartment or find you other housing or put you in a hotel even. Anything or some sort of this is what has to happen,” said Veridian resident Loralyn McBrayer.

They hope through advocacy, they can help others moving forward.

“Yeah, we all hate that this happened to us, but it’s kind of the real thing of let’s make this better for everyone else in the future,” said McBrayer. “Let’s use this as an example of, hey, we need change”

Supporters say these stories are just more reasons why tenants need a ‘Tenants Bill of Rights.’

It’s something they’ve been asking for, for months now, but it’s something they believe they can attain by coming together as a community.

Although people say they’re still waiting for answers, they’re hoping that coming out and speaking out will help in the long run.

The Kentucky Tenants Group is focused on four main things: banning discrimination based on income, a right to counsel during eviction court, seats for tenants on boards and commissions and a registry or screening process of landlords.