Veridian Apartments resident claims complex is offering prorated rent in exchange for silence

We continue to hear from frustrated residents at the Veridian Apartments in Lexington who say their apartments were heavily damaged by busted pipes during last
Published: Jan. 24, 2023 at 9:58 PM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Tenants at Veridian Apartments are still dealing with challenges from December’s deep freeze.

Many say they are getting little to no help or answers from the complex and now say they are being given an ultimatum to get their rent prorated for when they couldn’t be in their homes.

It was a notice Julian Neustat could not believe he was reading. A letter he says is from his landlords at Veridian Apartments agreeing to prorate his rent for the week he wasn’t able to live there but only if he agreed to not do anything that would damage the complex’s reputation.

“You never expect a winter storm like that to completely debilitate a whole apartment,” said Neustat. “You would never expect to look across from you, and there’s a sign saying, ‘this unit is inhabitable to live.’”

Several Veridian residents have voiced their issues with the complex.

“They’re also annoyed. They’re mad,” said Neustat. “They just want to take their things and go.”

Last week, the activist group, Kentucky Tenants rallied with residents who have been dealing with the mess. Saying that it’s situations like this why they are pushing for a ‘Tenants’ Bill of Rights.’

“How is someone as well known in Lexington, the Veridian, to act like this? I don’t think anyone expected it,” said Neustat. “I think it shows you a lot about that this is not going to stop. I’m not going to stop saying anything, other people are not going to stop saying anything.”

For Neustat, he says he is not agreeing to the conditions for the prorated rent and says his neighbors aren’t either.

“It’s almost as if because you’re trying to say, ‘You can’t say anything, and you’re not getting your money,’ it makes us want to say something more,” said Neustat. “I think that’s why I wanted to speak out because I’ve seen on Facebook and talking in-person with what other people had to go through, and the fact that they’re left high and dry. You’re angry. It makes you so angry.”

WKYT has previously been told by brookside properties to reach out to their attorney in Nashville for any questions. We called the office today and left a message. We have not heard back.

The Mayor’s Office says tenants can also reach out to the Lexington Fair Housing Council with concerns they have.