EKU, KYTC embroiled in disagreement over electronic signs on campus

EKU, KYTC embroiled in disagreement over electronic signs on campus
Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 2:07 PM EST
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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - Eastern Kentucky University is embroiled in a disagreement with the state over electronic signs on campus.

Kentucky transportation leaders say the signs have got to go, but the EKU says they aren’t taking them down.

Driving down the Eastern bypass, you’ll notice a pair of electronic signs on EKU’s campus.

“The one that is on the corner of Eastern, on the bypass there, has just been erected. It just got up. And the one that is in the coliseum lot has been there for many years. There’s just been a change in the digital board,” said Eric Scott, Associate Vice President of Communications and Brand Management at EKU.

EKU officials say they’ve had permission from the state to build signs on those properties since 1991. So, when EKU finalized the plan to build the most recent one, they were under the impression they still had permission.

However, in December, they received word from the state that two of their electronic signs needed to be moved.

“There’s a right of way for highway, and that’s what we’re working with the state on to alleviate that,” said Scott.

“Kentucky transportation officials say their biggest concern when it comes to the signs is the safety of the drivers. They’re concerned about the location of those signs and what could be put on those signs.

KYTC officials released a statement to us that says, as of the beginning of the month, they were still trying to work with EKU to arrive at a resolution.

Scott says that the university is cooperating with the state during its review process and trying to remedy this issue.

“As they review that, we hope that, you know, soon we’ll find out exactly what the stipulations are surrounding that, and then EKU’s position is that we’re going to comply exactly with what the state wants to do,” said Scott.

So far, there’s no word on when a resolution may come.