Winchester apartment complex still without power following historic winds, tenants forced to vacate

Published: Mar. 11, 2023 at 3:45 PM EST
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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s been over a week since historic storms caused hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians to lose power.

While most have since had their power restored, an apartment complex in Winchester remains in the dark.

Tenants at College Park Apartments in Winchester say they’ve been living in the dark for over a week.

During last week’s storms, a tree fell and knocked down the power lines and the weather heads, which are owned and maintained by the property owner. That means they’re responsible for getting them fixed before power can be restored.

“Sitting there by yourself and not knowing when the power is going to get on, being told it’s coming back on and waiting, waiting, and it doesn’t,” said Elric Morris, who has lived in College Park for 8 years.

On Friday, after exactly 1 week with no power, tenants found eviction notices on their doors.

“Here we are scrambling trying to figure out what we’re going to do, where we’re gonna go, if we’re gonna get our money we paid in this month for our rent, if we’re gonna get our deposit back, we don’t know,” said Reggie Davis, who has lived in College Park for 4 years.

Tristian Boyd and her family have been staying at a hotel. Her 8-year-old son Cole has autism. She says the situation has disrupted his routine.

“It’s just rough. How do I explain it to him when I don’t understand,” said Tristian Boyd, who has lived in College Park for 1 year.

Jonathan Spencer says he’s been putting about 100 miles on his car per day driving back and forth between his father’s house and his apartment. He’s only lived at the College Park apartment complex for 2 months, and now he has less than 2 weeks to vacate.

“Trying to keep a positive look on things and some aspect of a sense of humor. I have less to pack because I didn’t get a chance to unpack yet,” said Spencer.

Whether they’ve been at College Park for 2 months, or 8 years like Carrie Morris, these tenants say it feels like their landlord doesn’t care about them.

“I at least want landlords to realize we’re not just money for them. We’re actual people. You have to care about us. We’re providing you with an income by renting your place. At least care when something like this happens to us,” said Carrie Morris.

WKYT has reached out to College Park Apartments’ attorney for comment. We have not yet heard back.