Church group protests Winchester drag show

Church group protests Winchester drag show
Published: Mar. 17, 2023 at 10:45 PM EDT
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WINCHESTER, Ky. (WKYT) - Drama unfolded in the City of Winchester Friday night over a drag show.

That’s Entertainment.’ A drag performance at the Leeds Theater is sold-out for Saturday, but church groups showed up tonight to protest. Meanwhile, a group supporting the LGBTQ community also showed up to advocate for the show.

“We’ve got a show that’s completely sold out, so clearly people want to see entertainment like this,” said Leeds Theater actor Jacob Ernst. “It means a lot to the people to have an opportunity to perform it, but also means a lot to the people who can come out and see so many different types of people represented on stage.”

While the performance itself may be sold out, a small group of people who say they’re against it did show up in downtown Winchester.

“We are not for a drag performance, that’s for sure,” said David, who is against the show. “We aren’t really against any people or anything. We are for a spiritual awakening.”

David joined a couple of dozen people who said they are praying for Winchester walking through Main Street in front of the theater.

“Each person has just been praying as they felt led. So that’s between each individual and God,” David said.

Saturday night, Brett Cheuvron will take the stage as Ms. Niagra.

“Honestly could cry knowing the support. It makes me want to do it more,” said Cheuvron. “I know I’m doing a good job. It’s not hurting anybody.”

The show has raised around $10,000 to benefit the theater and the classes it offers.

Keeping the doors open and lights on is why Bo List says he drove from Lexington to show his support.

“If their idea of a protest is to demonstrate their faith, I think that’s wonderful, and a great use of the First Amendment,” list said. “I also think it’s a great use of the First Amendment for an organization like this to do this type of performance for people who want to see it.”

All proceeds of the show benefit the Leeds Center for the Arts.